Wineries from the north of Italy, and even American wineries are beginning to see Puglia’s potential, and are starting to invest heavily. Our best-selling wine is Salice Salentino, from Macovero winery at the Southern end of Puglia where you can see the sun rise on the Adriatic and set on the Ionian.

The Pinot Grigio is from Manificent Villa Merighi, an organic farm located in a magnificent Italian Villa, a lovely hamlet not far from Verona. The extraordinary landscape surrounding Villa Merighi has always been considered an exellent location for vineyards and winemaking.



Sottoriva, a unique Prosecco, is made in the nearly lost traditional method of spontaneous refermentation in the bottle, with no added yeast or sugar. It is unusually cloudy, as a result of having nothing removed post fermentation. It is dry, light, delicate in aroma and on the palate.

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