The Casa Tua lunch menu is simple, fresh, quality food, served quickly.

Indulge in the vivid colours and authentic flavours of our Italian appetizers, made with the simplest ingredients on the market. Our antipasti reflect our roots and remind us of home, where snacking on bruschetta or having a good slice of salami was our afternoon treat.



Spaghetti alla carbonara, spaghetti al tonno, fusilli ai quattro formaggi are just few of the traditional paste we serve at Casa Tua. We make it the way nonna made it, pasta al dente e mantecatura perfetta.

Our menu constantly envolves and typical variations from talented artisans include sausages, Robiola, asparagus tips and more, the Chef also cook a variety of light European influenced mains, freshly prepared. The main sauces we provide at Casa Tua are made a lá minute by our Chef.

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