La Piccola Gastronomia Italiana di Casa Tua.

Casa Tua is your home away from home and we like to treat our clients like friends, serving what we ourselves like when dining out. Enjoying a variety of food in small portions, experiencing the scents and flavours of the South-East of Italy, drinking a glass of local Italian wine or a special twisted cocktail.

Our menu of small appetisers is creative, dynamic, and passionate, a part of our effort to create the dining experience we want our clients to have.

Using seasonal ingredients and products imported weekly from Italy, we create a menu of simple and good quality food to share, with authentic Italian recipes brought to life by Francesco, our Chef.

La gastronomia di Casa Tua is a great way to experience an Italian context from an informal aperitif with nibbles like Mediterranean flavoured Pittule from Puglia  or cheesy polenta served with gorgonzola dip to a proper varied dinner as melanzane alla parmigiana or polipo grigliato.

For the mains, we offer three pasta options which cater to a range of tastes.

What makes our primi piatti special is  fresh artisanal pastas, combined with our sauces, made á la minute.

The dishes range from the simple, authentically Mediterranean flavours of our orecchiette, to the delicate, rich combination of truffle oil and Porcini mushrooms of our green spinach tagliatelle.

Last but not least is our dessert, gnocchi alla crema di nocciola or Casa Tua semifreddo.

We like to offer a choice between the rich, warm hazelnut cream gnocchi and the seasonal fruit and fresh semifreddo alla ricotta as the Casa Tua dessert.


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