Casa Tua kitchen is open Monday to Sunday for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch from 9am until 4pm.

Please note that menu is constantly changing in line with the availability of our fresh produce & as a result dishes may vary in content and flavor.

If you or any of your guests have an allergy or dietary restriction, please inform your server and our chefs will be happy to accomodate your needs.




    • Plain Croissant

    • Toast butter and Jam

      strawberry jam/orange marmalade/honey

    • Tomato and Cheese Croissant

    • Parma ham and Cheese Croissant

    • Casa Tua Porridge

      served with dried cranberries, banana and honey


    • Puglia


      mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato slices, basil pesto and oregano

    • Toscano

      salame Napoli, Pecorino cheese, honey and wild rocket

    • Parma

      prosciutto crudo, mixed leaves salad & mozzarella cheese

    • Primavera

      crispy bacon & avocado paste, freshly squeezed lemon & black pepper

    • Smoky Ciabatta

      cream cheese, smoked salmon, wild rocket, lemon dressing and black pepper

    • Chicken-Escalope

      chicken escalope, Emmenthal cheese, fresh tomato slices with herbs, mix leaves and mayo

    • BRUNCH

      From 9am-4pm, our brunches are made from British free range eggs, fresh seasonal greens, Italian sourdough brown Altamura bread and homemade Hollandaice suace.

    • Casa Tua Scramble & croissant


    • Omelette with Altamura Bread

      a choice of two of the following ingredients: spinach, smoked salmon, mozzarella, Parma ham, onion compote or mushrooms

    • Eggs Florentine


      two poached eggs, spinach, marinated mushrooms, hollandaise & toasted brown Altamura bread

    • Eggs Royale

      two poached eggs, smoked salmon, yogurt, hollandaise sauce & brown Altamura bread

    • Eggs Benedict

      two poached eggs, Parma ham, avocado, hollandaise sauce & toasted brown Altamura bread

    • Big John

      one poached Benedict, one poached Royal, one poached Florentine, toasted brown Altamura bread and hollandaise sauce



      Please note that our dishes may contain one or more of the following allergens: cereal, nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame seeds, eggs, milk, celery and celeriac, mustard, sulphur dioxide and sulphites. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff.


Casa Tua offers the finest selection of imported Italian ingredients. Our Chefs work to recreate our authentic food culture.


    • Cerignola e Leccino Olives

    • Sweet Potato Crisps

      served with sweet chilli mayo

    • Classic Tomato Bruschetta

    • Casa Tua Bruschetta

      toasted Altamura bread with cherry tomatoes and spicy broccoli puree

    • Bruschetta e Crema di Melanzane

      toasted Altamura bread with aubergine pesto and goats cheese

    • Medaglioni Bacon & Sweet Potato

      bacon and sweet potato croquette with spicy tomato sauce

    • Polenta Gorgonzola or Shaving Goats Cheese

      crispy polenta served with gorgonzola cream or goats cheese to your choice

    • Parmigiana di Melanzane

      baked aubergine slices layered with parmesan, tomato sauce & mozzarella

    • Polpo Salad

      octopus salad served with potatoes, celery and carrot

    • Guazzetto di Mare

      freshly Cooked Seafood & Shellfish in Spicy Red Bisque Stock

    • Burratina Tricolore

      Burrata mozzarella served with pesto and fresh tomato

    • Polpette al Sugo

      homemade beef meatballs served with tomato sauce

    • Burrata e Prosciutto di Parma

    • Caponatina Pugliese


    • Casa Tua Burrata Salad

      burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, salad & bread

    • Fattoria Salad

      pulled chicken, shaved Parmesan, avocado, mixed leaves, balsamic glaze & croutons


    • Strozzapreti alla Pugliese

      broccoli puree, crumbled tarallo

    • Casa Tua Carbonara

      tagliatelle, bacon, eggs & grated Parmesan

      (traditional recipe with no cream added)

    • Strozzapreti alla Amatriciana

      spicy tomato sauce, bacon & Parmesan

    • Tagliatelle con Polpette

      tagliatelle served with homemade beef meatballs

    • Sausage Tortelloni

      served with mushrooms, Parmesan shavings & truffle oil

    • Fettuccine ai Gamberi

      served with prawns in a spicy bisque


Drinks are available with both day and evening menus


    • Espresso

    • Macchiato

    • Americano

    • Cappuccino

    • Flat white

    • Latte

    • Mocha

    • Hot chocolate "Zuma"

    • Soy Latte

    • Soy Cappuccino

    • Jenier Loose Tea Pot

      Mayfair english traditional, earl grey, japan sencha green peppermint, egyptian camomile, fresh mint, chai

    • Double Espresso

    • Double Espresso Macchiato


    • Casa Tua Caffe Soffiato

    • Iced Coffee


    • Orange

      freshly squeezed oranges

    • ACE

      orange, carrot & ginger

    • Apple & Greens

      apple, spinach, banana & Spirulina

    • Vitamix

      orange, carrot, apple, ginger & banana


    • Pick Me Up

      (coffee, soy milk, honey, chocolate)

    • Green Smoothie

      (baby spinach leaves, apples, carrot and cucumber)


    • Scheweppes Minerals

      (lemonade, slim tonic, soda)

    • Coca Cola/Diet

    • San Benedetto Mineral Still/Sparkling 50 cl

    • San Pellegrino Aranciata

    • BEERS

    • Peroni Beer


    • Amaretto Disaronno

    • Limoncello

    • Sambuca Black/White

    • Fernet Branca

    • Gagliano l'Authentico

    • Jagermeister

    • Cointreau

    • House Spirits


Wines are available with both day and evening menus



    • Agricola Punica Samas

      Sardegna - 2015

      Velvety and mineral, with apricot and pear nuances

      80% Vermentino - 20% Chardonnay

    • Guardiense Selezione Falanghina

      Campania - 2014

      Refreshing and vibrant, with green apples and floreal aromas 100% Falanghina

    • Telero Bianco Cantele

      Puglia - 2015

      Light and crisp with Citrus and dried herbs flavours 100% Bombino


    • Prosecco BiancaVigna

      Veneto - NV

      Light and refreshing with White stone fruits and green apples aromas

      100% Glera

    • SWEET WINE 100ml

    • Soltato Le Pupille

      Tuscany - 2007

      Fragrant and elegant, with candied stone and tropical fruit.

      Gewurtztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc,Semillon

    • RED WINE

    • Cantele Salice Salentino Riserva

      Puglia - 2012

      Rich and Smooth with ripe dark berries and herbal nuances 100% Negroamaro

    • Telero Rosso Cantele

      Puglia - 2013

      Medium bodied and intense with red prunes and herbaceous notes 100% Negroamaro.


    • Cantele Rosato

      Puglia - 2015

      Fruity and lively, with strawberries and cherries bouquet 100% Negroamaro