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Italian Restaurant in King’s Cross – Casa Tua – Review: OMOTG

We are always happy to receive reviews of our two restaurants in North London – Casa Tua Camden and Casa Tua King’s Cross. Read what David Harfield, a freelance food and travel writer had to say after visiting our Italian restaurant in King’s Cross.

Everyday is like Sunday…” Ah, Morrissey, how aptly you soundtrack our lives.  Now, any Mozzer fan (and if there’s one group of music aficionados that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of, it’s them) will inform you that the lyrics to his second single as a solo artist were actually inspired by a novel about a group of people awaiting nuclear devastation in Melbourne, however, I, and I’m sure many others, have appropriated them to fit any lazy day in which you find yourself, happily, with not a lot to do.  When I visit the new Italian eatery Casa Tua at King’s Cross, with its sun-kissed piazza, leafy surroundings and relaxed yet bonhomous energy, this sentiment attaches itself to me and doesn’t leave until well after I’ve bid the friendly staff goodbye and strolled back towards the canal, only then remembering that it’s a Thursday and there’s still work to do this afternoon.

Italian Restaurant in King’s Cross – Casa Tua

Don’t expect any depressing dirges to be playing when you enter the uniquely decorated bistro though, as even the soundtrack seems to have been handcrafted to suit the tone of quirky chic; old school jazz, soul and rockabilly numbers fill our ears as the vibrant furnishings fill our eyes (our favourite: a red piano that’s just begging for Elton John to pop by and play in another one of his impromptu King’s X performances).  With natural light flooding the interior, the locale is straight-up European, right down to the couples sipping espresso on the multicoloured tables outside.  A downstairs area reveals even more interesting décor, including a gigantic Henry VIII-type table that would be perfect for a relaxed business meeting, especially due to the inspirational quotes that are dotted around the walls that a team leader could crib from if they forget their notes.

The effortlessly charming staff make us feel like one of the family within minutes, a notion that I also felt when I first discovered their flagship café in Camden over a year ago.  We perch on the high stools near the window and order a slap-up brunch, slurping a beautifully presented cappuccino and a long green juice that seems to contain our five-per-day and then some.  Considering we’re only a five-minute walk from the bustling mini-metropolis of King’s Cross’s newly regenerated Granary Square, where big names such as Granger & Co. and Vinoteca duke it out on the forecourt over who can attract the most footfall of businesspeople, the venue seems notably anti-corporate with the boutique feel of a group of friends who have built a dream themselves as opposed to relying too heavily on faceless investor funding.  This only serves to enhance the appeal of every day feeling like the weekend: welcoming, amenable and thoroughly chilled out.

The food arrives and we’re impressed by the simple but pretty layout of the eggs florentine, the crispy breadcrumbs on the asparagus spears and the deep, molten yolks of the eggs; with an accompanying glass of dry Prosecco, this is a particularly fun way to start the day (especially if you woke up nearer lunchtime like we did).  A linguine carbonara is also delicious, the scattering of ham hock segments adding a saltine chewiness to the thick ribbons of pasta; we toast the meal with a glass of Montessu 2013 whose dark ruby intensity adds depth to the already flavoursome dish.

A few espressos later and we say our farewells, vowing to return soon to sample the Puglian-inspired cuisine that’s served in the evening.  In addition to the well-stocked cocktail bar that I want to put through its paces, I’m particularly curious about the aperitivo that pairs classic libations such as Spritz with pre-dinner nibbles, grazing platters of Italian meats, cheeses and breads that I could feast on all night given half a chance.

I’d recommend it to anyone who’s in the area and wants kick back like it’s Sunday; it may even put a smile on the face of the world’s grumpiest vegan, should Morrissey ever find himself stuck for a bite to eat in King’s Cross.  But don’t just take my word for it; to quote the master of misery once again, “Why don’t you find out for yourself?

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italian restaurants north london

Italian Restaurants in North London

Casa Tua are two Italian restaurants North London accommodates: one restaurant in Camden and another restaurant in King’s Cross. Our first restaurant, Casa Tua Camden, opened its doors in 2013 and since then became one of locals’ favourites. We aim to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for everyone – whether you want to grab a quick coffee, have a lunch break with your colleagues or enjoy a dinner with family and friends – we will welcome you through our doors like people welcome others into their homes.

It is important for us to create a ‘home away from home’ experience, we want to give our visitors a chance to experience home dining in Southern Italy without having to go anywhere out of London. That is why our chefs make fresh homemade style Italian food, based on old simple Italian recipes from Puglia and Mediterranean influences. You can take a look at our menu here.

Italian Restaurants North London: Casa Tua

If you want to try a real Italian coffee, some of the authentic flavours of our Italian appetizers, or enjoy home cooked food with good Italian wine or a delicious cocktail, we will be happy to see you at our Casa Tua restaurants in London.

Get in touch to book a table.

Restaurants In Kings Cross

Top Restaurants In Kings Cross – Review: Gas Holder

The tiny Royal College Street original opposite Camden Road station has become an institution over the last few years, whether for a strong coffee, a plate of burrata or low-lit evening meal. It’s rammed daily. So much so that it’s not entirely surprising that Casa Tua owner Giuseppe Miggiano and his team have just opened a second, more spacious two-floor branch to join the other restaurants in Kings Cross.

Here big windows overlook the Holy Cross church and, as the weather warms up, it’s a pleasantly atmospheric spot with plenty of alfresco tables – not to mention sofas tucked away in nooks and crannies downstairs for more private (or rainy) trysts.

Casa Tua is one of the top restaurants in Kings Cross

On the menu? Leisurely brunch dishes like eggs benedict, stuffed ciabatta sandwiches, quality carbonara and orecciette mains, lashings of fine Italian coffee. A full evening dinner service and spritz/cocktail menu will follow very soon.

And one for the diaries: don’t miss the forthcoming exhibition by celebrity photographer Mike Owen, which starts on the 18th April and features on the cover of our April issue of Gasholder, still available across the area at these places.

Casa Tua King’s Cross is open daily until 5pm. Find it at 106 Cromer Street WC1 or follow @casatuagastro for more info.

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Brunch In Kings Cross

The Perfect Brunch In Kings Cross – Review: Seen London

SEEN had no problem locating the newest branch of Casa Tua last night – she could smell the delicious food all the way down pretty, tree-filled Cromer Street, not far from bustling King’s Cross and Bloomsbury. It’s definitely a place you want to seek out for brunch in Kings Cross.

Casa Tua means ‘your house’ and specialises in freshly cooked Pugliese cuisine. But it’s not just about the food, it’s the whole experience of being there. Giuseppe Miggiano, the talented owner, envelops you with his great charm and warmth (check out his magnificent waxed moustache – SEEN could barely tear her eyes away!) The moment you step inside his restaurant, the atmosphere is intimate and sociable with a refreshing absence of pretension.

In a city where it’s all too easy to feel anonymous, the service at Casa Tua makes a visit there positively therapeutic. Good for the body and good for the soul. To paraphrase Cesar Chavez; ‘If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them… the people who give you their food give you their heart.’

An extensive menu offers excellent coffee, breakfasts, brunches, small bites, light mains, fresh artisan pasta, a fabulous tasting menu of traditional Salento dishes and, of course, wines from the Puglia region.

The Perfect Brunch In Kings Cross – Casa Tua

We had glasses of delicious Salice Salintino, perfect for a meal in Autumn, as Frank Sinatra crooned softly in the background. Lovely waiter Alfonso Cimino brought us toasted bread with fresh tomato and herbs to whet our appetites, inviting us to sprinkle on a delicious dried herb concoction that instantly lifted the dish to new heights. Then my guest and I opted to try four dishes for sharing: Purpo e Pitate (spicy stewed octopus, potatoes and celery); Beef Suppli de Riso (meatballs in tomato sauce); Melanzane alla Parmigiana (classic aubergine dish) and Burratina (a light creamy smoked mozzarella). Giuseppe and Alfonso were the most attentive hosts, filling our water and wine glasses, anxious that we should enjoy ourselves, and we did. My guest had some sweet dessert wine and Giuseppe served us a lovely chocolate and sponge roll that the chef Michele Fiancculi had created that very day. It was light and sweet (but not too much so). It was the perfect end to our meal.

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Camden Restaurant

Camden Restaurant Casa Tua Review: Access London

Italian food is one of our favourite; nibbling on burrata and parma ham whilst waiting for a hearty, pasta dish is our idea of food heaven. Nestled behind the busy streets in both Camden Town and Kings Cross, is a family-run Italian driven abode called Casa Tua providing exactly that. Casa Tua, which means ‘your home’ in Italian, has been feeding North West Londoners for three years in the Camden restaurant, and more recently in Kings Cross.

Run by Giuseppe, founder of the two restaurants, and his loyal team of family and friends from his native town in Italy, this humble abode is aiming to provide a restaurant, café and somewhere to relax, or as the name states, somewhere to call home.

With a concept slightly different to most restaurants, comfort is at the forefront of Casa Tua. This is instantly apparent at their Kings Cross location which has a mixture of seating on the first floor, but below provides a comfortable alcove for those looking for a snug set-up.

Camden Restaurant Casa Tua Is Your Home Away From Home

As we’re eating, we sit in the restaurant section of Casa Tua and perch at a window seat overlooking the church and happenings of the backstreets of Kings Cross. It’s a beautiful sunny day in October and the perfect setting for a spot of lunch.

Giuseppe talks us through the menu and what’s on offer, detailing the best dishes and the stories behind them. After hearing about how the octopus dish to share is from an old recipe in Italy where they used to put all the ingredients in a jar and leave by the fire to cook for hours – I was sold. Though now with modern technology, it’s done in a slow-cooker the result is still the same.

Alongside this recommendation, we opt for the golden crusted mozzarella with mushrooms and finally the burratina and the parma ham. Burratina, we’re told, is a less-salty version of mozzarella which is a result of where the cows graze. The further away from the sea, the less salty their produce.

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Best Pasta In London

In Search Of The Best Pasta In London – Review: TimeOut London

In searching for the best pasta in London, we came across a traditional Italian café-bar offering all the usual suspects.

This informal Italian café just across from Camden Road station proves a popular spot for local sorts – and not just for its ability to turn its hand to classy cocktails when night falls. It’s all about an authentic Italian feel, from the ebullient, enthusiastic staff to the regional produce and the traditional, homemade food.

Looking for the best pasta in London? – Casa Tua

Dishes range from bruschetta, platters of Italian meats and cheeses and ciabatta sandwiches to risottos, spaghetti carbonara, lasagne with burrata, paccheri pasta with red cabbage and polipo grigliato with roasted potatoes.

Cocktails are made with flair and served alongside a wine list dominated by bottles from Italy.

It’s worth noting that Casa Tua isn’t limited to dining, if you’re looking for somewhere to work and enjoy a coffee – or perhaps just a catch-up over coffee, Casa Tua cater for whatever you need.

The food is delightful, the prices fair and the service exceptional. A dining experience which allows you to relax, sit back and just enjoy the true Italian experience.

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Camden Brunch

Where To Go For A Camden Brunch – Review: Kentish Towner

New indie coffee shops are a dime a dozen in London, with the pleasant effect of pushing aspirations beyond the established Italo-triumvirate – ciabatta, biscotti, Lavazza. But what makes another little hangout a hot destination? Well, a booze licence certainly helps; as does having an effortlessly affable owner, and chef with the ability to make simple food sing. All of which seem happily present and correct at Casa Tua, which has quickly carved out a role as the place for a Camden brunch, just opposite Camden Road overground.

On our Tuesday lunchtime visit, couples giggled across lazy afternoon Aperol spritzes, office groups dallied over returning to their desks and a series of beautifully gesticulating Italians dropped in. Close your eyes and you could be tucked away on a Milanese backstreet.

Where to go for a Camden Brunch?

The relaxed, urban holiday vibe continued as host and trained mixologist, Giuseppe Miggiano, poured a potent Campari spritz while we grazed on bruschetta, struck by the obvious quality of the ingredients verses their £3 price tag. A board of meat and cheese antipasti (£5) made an equally affordable, perky light lunch choice too. Like everything else on the menu, it’s available to take away if you’re in a dash, although lingering in the cosy interior, alternating bites with cheeky sips of vino, admiring the old gramophone, is surely the point. The dish was, however, easily surpassed by the café’s most popular pasta, a house tortelloni of chicken and pancetta (£8). Six generous parcels burst with buttery richness and a spicy tang. Some red by-the-glass Mezzogiorno (£4.50) set off the zippiness of the filling a treat too.

All smiles and genuine warmth, Giuseppe seems rightly pleased with all he has created here in a few short months. And he’s already maximised every opportunity to keep the place busy throughout the day. An attractive selection of brunch items draw the early(ish) risers, while live music and cocktails keep things lively after dark. Weekends often see baking workshops, mixology masterclasses and other foodie-focussed events.

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Italian Restaurant In Camden

An Italian Restaurant In Camden – Camden Review

An unlikely corner of Camden is now hosting the most civilised of evening rituals– the Italian aperitif. Picture the scene: a glass of vino, free nibbles, and a view not of the Tuscan hills but of Royal College Street, a minute’s walk from Camden Road Station. This bold idea comes from Giuseppe Miggiano, 28, the owner of this Italian restaurant in Camden called Casa Tua, which translates as “Your House”.

It’s a modest place, which he has refitted himself: 20 or so seats in a freshly painted room, with two smaller, cosy spaces for events in the basement.

At the moment, his main trade is at lunch: freshly made soups and grilled panini sandwiches; foamy cappuccinos and slices of squidgy cake. Cheap, cheerful and tasty. But Giuseppe, a trained cocktail barman, also plans a wine list and to start mixing his trademark Smokey Cosmopolitans at weekends, fragrant with fumes from smouldering tea leaves.

Looking For An Italian Restaurant In Camden?

Aside from the all-day café, Casa Tua is transformed into a teaching space on certain evenings. A Danish baker called Jo Jo Coleman has started running workshops in the art of making macaroons, chocolate, pasta or baking bread. She walked in off the street one day and hasn’t looked back. “So much love has been put into this place,” she says.

It’s a verdict that seems to be shared by many, as this small business is already a firm favourite with locals. Outside, two large wooden barrels serve as makeshift tables. Olive plants guard the door. Salamis and coffee pots hang in the large window, on which the daily specials are written in lipstick red.

Inside, sepia photos of Italy decorate the walls, each clipped to a string washing line: the owner’s mother and sister making pasta; women picking olives in the countryside. The shelves are stacked with baked specialities from Puglia, Giuseppe’s home region. Try the friselline: traditional bread biscuits that are excellent topped with a swish of extra virgin olive oil, chopped tomato and basil.

On the short menu, the fresh pastas are the thing to try, made up the road by Chef Ercule Cappai, master chef at a company called Pasta & Pasta. Prices start at £5.50 for dishes such as ricotta and spinach ravioli or chicken and pancetta tortellini, all served with a top-notch homemade pesto.

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